Counterattack by the Brotherhood of the nine commandments

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Counterattack by the Brotherhood of the nine commandments

Post autor: EdMali » 09-09-23, 13:20

Recently, it was reported that in 2022, over half a million people announced their departure from the German Catholic Church. And thus broke the previous year's record - because it has been a trend for some time. The Evangelical Church of Germany also lost about 600,000 church members - so the phenomenon does not concern only Catholics. However, don't both of these denominations have their own specific reasons, causes that led to such a catastrophe? Probably yes - at least in part… How to illustrate this crisis? The simplest way is to consider the example of a certain German priest, Wolfgang Rothe. He is a well-known, public figure who often appears in the media, gives interviews, etc. and seems to seek popularity. And he has an interesting nickname : 'Whiskey Vicar’… He is considered an expert on Scotch whiskey and uses this knowledge in church activities. For years (i.e. since 2010) he has openly claimed to be a homosexual and is very active in homosexual circles, he even promotes this sexual orientation ! Wolfgang Rothe was a deputy rector at the seminary in St. Pölten in Austria near Vienna, which became well known all over the world because of a huge moral/sexual scandal in which the management took an active part (as a result of which it was closed on the order of the Vatican), see [a]. 'Whiskey Vicar’ caused another, high-profile scandal when, explaining his bizarre, spectacular fall from the balcony of the 2nd floor, he accused his bishop of giving him a psychotropic drug and alleged attempted rape (!!!) While other sources explained this accident simply with his alcohol abuse (see or [c] - also for several illustrations created using computerized artificial intelligence illustrating these two such different explanations).
In Poland, the "Whiskey Vicar" is best known for being the accuser of the priest Professor D. Oko and the German priest Johannes Stöhr, prosecuted because of him in a scandalous trial in Germany. Father Dariusz Oko, a Polish philosopher from Kraków, in an article published in the journal "Theologisches", called the influential groups of homosexual priests "colonies of parasites", "cancer" and "homosexual plague" and even the “mafia”. The article did not go unnoticed. The homosexual priest dr. Wolfgang Rothe, who frequented gay bars, who blessed homosexual couples, etc., got offended and filed a complaint! A complaint which led to a trial in Cologne (see , [c]).
Cardinal Gerhard Ludwig Müller, one of the Vatican's former highest dignitaries, said of the court's first verdict (eventually the trial ended in agreement):

"As a German, I am ashamed that in my homeland it is again possible to make allegations of so-called incitement to hatred against society and the conviction of a Polish scientist because he gave facts…. alarm bells should go off immediately for people educated in history; they should be horrified to remember a certain 'lawyer' who, acting as a so-called general governor, sent the entire Krakow professorship to a concentration camp. Article by prof. D.Oko is a scientific report on serious crimes... committed by high-ranking clergymen... who hide behind the shield of impunity that their office confers... Condemning these crimes with strong words is not an incitement to hatred in society, but an act of courage that deserves the respect of all decent people. These crimes must not be downplayed just because their perpetrators were active homosexuals who might have been offended by someone telling them the truth to their face. Have we come back to the point where the guilty are protected and the innocent are punished? »

Reading these balanced and wise words, one would like to say, having such Catholic hierarchs, "Noch ist Deutschland nicht verloren"! (i.e. "Germany is not dead yet" or even better, "The German Catholic Church is not dead yet"). And how did the denunciator himself react to this statement?

“I am stunned that the cardinal has associated himself with hate mongers and does not even hesitate to distort history. Himmler and Goebbels called homosexuals parasites and pests of the people. The Nazi Hans Frank would certainly not have pursued Oko, on the contrary, he would have been happy about it. At Auschwitz, where Oko was born, homosexuals were interned and killed, but Cardinal Müller does not seem to care” (see [e]).

So W. Rothe noticed, remembered D. Oko's birthplace - the place where the Germans, his countrymen, committed countless crimes. And he decided to use this information. In order to sow doubts and suggest some distrust towards the Pole! Apparently, this is an attempt to undermine someone's credibility based on their place of birth... It's a rather disgusting method of discrediting an opponent, quite unfair,...

This trial also deserves to be remembered because of the incredible behind-the-scenes maneuvers (of the German authorities along with some other very influential factors ?): the Deutsche Welle, i.e. the information organ of the Bundestag (i.e. the national assembly of Germany) published - on the eve of the trial - an interview with the “Whiskey Vicar”… In this way, allowing the accuser, to widely spread his unproven allegations... Wasn't this a clear signal to public opinion (Polish, German , global…) - but also for German justice!!! - on which side were the expectations and sympathies of the authorities? (Isn’t that simply astonishing in a country that presents itself as democratic? – see [d]. Does the influence of “Whiskey Vicar”'s friends reach that far? Are his supporters so influential? ).
However, what does it mean when a man of the church who by definition must observe the celibacy (with an absolute adherence to it) begins to reveal his sexual preferences? How can such a statement from someone who still considers himself a Catholic priest be understood? Presumably, this can be interpreted as a message, let's say: « Know that if I happen to break the 6th commandment, it will only be with some handsome boy». Although perhaps it is rather a declaration that this cleric simply does not intend to obey this commandment? (is there something like an offer or a suggestion behind it?).These people (at least for now!) focus their attention on the 6th commandment. The question arises: does such a person perhaps have a similar attitude towards the other commandments? Only the sixth commandment bothers him? This movement could expand.
Soon, perhaps, we will see priests who will publicly declare their difficulties in respecting, for example, the 7th commandment,“Thou shalt not steal” : "Believe me, I try not to steal, but I can't always do it... For example, when I see massive gold jewelry, I can't help myself - it's stronger than me…" Or the 5th commandment, "You wouldn't kill": "I'm a man of peace, of course, but if someone pisses me off, anything can happen. Honestly, I'm warning you!”
And these representatives of the movement, which we call "the Nine Commandments Movement", often see themselves as representatives of the movement of progress, modernization. Sometimes they even consider themselves "prophets" - who promote a new “watered-down” version of (“lighter”) Christianity! The advent of a new church in version 2.0 - ie. "The Church of the Nine Commandments"… As I said, these "rebel priests" are quite numerous (a whole legion?), they are present in many countries - including Poland. And they often hold very high positions and can count on powerful behind-the-scenes and even official support…
For many Catholics (especially of the “old school”), the activity of this type of clergy inevitably leads to the catastrophe, to the spiritual suicide of an ecclesiastical institution, to the spiritual death of themselves and their followers. What do you say to someone convinced that these clergy are the spiritual equivalent of the infamous airline pilot Andreas Lubitz? Who committed suicide in 2015 and murdered 149 people deliberately crashing a plane full of passengers he was piloting?

The Polish national poet Juliusz Słowacki [1809-1849] wrote in 1848 the famous prophetic poem which announced the coming of the “Slavic Pope” (as St. John Paul II sometimes said about himself ):

« In the midst of all the disagreements, Lord God rings
A huge bell,
For the Slavic, here is the pope
He opened the throne.

For this Slavic Pope, he won't escape
Like this Italian,
He will fight boldly, like God, with swords;
The world is dust to him!

His face, is beaming in a word, A lamp to the servants,
The rising tribes will follow him
Into the light, where God is.

For his sake and order
Not only the people
If he commands, the sun will come to a stop,
Because power is a miracle!... »

( see: Juliusz Slowacki - Papież Słowiański lyrics + English translation : ... ope.html-0 )

But this great Polish Catholic poet also wrote such so different, dramatic and bitter words:

“Forgive, Lord...this great marble-clad desert with your cross;
poetic exaltation makes me more daring,
This is why I will touch this body of the Catholic faith...
A snail that drools on flowers is less disgusting for them
than this insolent and counterfeit old widow of the Caesars,
the church without it spirit and the word of God…
Now the wind will arise which will surround the pillars of the Church,
All those who have not been supported by the saints will be destroyed…”

(“…O daruj Panie!…tej wielkiej pustyni,
Co się w marmury i w twój krzyż ubrała;
Jednego wieszcza mię rym śmielszym czyni,
Że tego wiary katolickiej ciała Dotknę się…
Ślimak, który kwiaty ślini,
Tak ich nie brzydzi, jako ta zuchwała,
Fałszywa, dawna po Cezarach wdowa,
Kościół, — bez ducha Bożego i słowa .…
Teraz wiatr się zerwie, Który kolumny kościoła okręci,
Te wszystkie — których nie podparli święci,
I zniszczy…” )

Will this tragic diagnosis, this true cry of despair, be another prophecy of the brilliant Polish poet? Isn't this what a host of enemies of the Church are trying to achieve? Apparently their entire "legion" is working to make this happen (and misleading the faithful)! Internal enemies supported by external ones… Will they succeed? Perhaps the tolerance we see towards them here and there (or the lack of courage and enthusiasm to condemn their mistakes) contribute to the fact that hundreds of thousands of Catholics no longer feel at home in the Church? And believing that the current church is "too modern" for them and having lost all hope for improvement - they "vote with their feet"... They run away...
Will the process of the Church's self-destruction be stopped? The responsibility for this rests with everyone who cares about the good of the Church. It also depends on you and me...
For centuries the Church has been a generous protector and sponsor of the arts. Can't art help him now? Art, by shedding harsh light, may help to expose some hypocrites, unworthy believers or clergy, revealing their hidden activities.

“Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret” (Ephesians 5:11-12).

The American Terry Nelson from Minneapolis/USA painted a composition entitled "Seminary Visitation" illustrating the scandal at the St. Poelten seminary. It was an important revealing gesture. His approach is the way to go further, he made a good start ! Let art shed a bright, unmasking beam of light on secretly, shamefully concealed 'deeds of darkness'! Similarly, in , [c] - there are illustrations of "Dr. W. Rothe falling from the balcony" created using Artificial Intelligence... This was the next step made in a similar spirit ...

Or maybe you draw or paint yourself and would like to express what you think with your art? If yes, if you have any idea, please share it with us. And talk about this idea to those around you, it's also important, spread it to those around you.
Isn't all this very interesting material for a film script? I have already proposed a first draft] - and I still invite everyone who wishes to cooperate in this project (see [f] ANNEX)…

Zróbmy film!,zrobmy-film (in polish)

The Fall of Father Dr. Wolfgang Rothe (in english) ... gang-rothe
The Fall of Father Dr. Wolfgang Rothe (in english)
Proces księdza D.Oko i J. Stoehr-a (in polish) ... j-stoehr-a
Wolfgang Rothe kritisiert Kardinal Müller – (in german) ... l-mueller/

Scenario draft: Introduction

Conflict between two clergymen: between a certain monk - follower of the "Church of the Nine Commandments" and a traditional Catholic priest. The film is also to be partly inspired (to a greater or lesser extent) by various famous scandals, for example, the lawsuit brought in Germany against Fr. Prof. D. Oko and the Father J. Stoehr etc etc. However, the characters in the film cannot be identified with real people i.e. it's supposed to be:
« A film based on fictional events, but containing some elements of truth » .
The film itself is rather intended to show some existing socio-religious mechanisms and will be preceded by a traditional warning:
« Any resemblance to real people is coincidental »
General assumptions :
- the growing popularity of "light" religiosity based on some, selected commandments (for ex. without the 6th - i.e. only the remaining nine commandments) ;
- networks of acquaintances, relationships based on mutual support, exploitation and hiding/ concealment one's misdeeds, weaknesses or crimes occur also in church environments; in ecclesial circles;
- sometimes these kinds of networks, connections can get under the influence of authentic, real criminal mafias;
- This may surprise some, but some bosses ("capos") of real traditional mafias often emphasize respect for traditional values, scrupulous adherence to religious practices, enjoy the company of religious people and sometimes even have their own chaplains (as is sometimes the case in the south of Italy for example).
The working title of the movie might be, for example : "Counterattack of the Brotherhood of the Nine Commandments". I invite everyone willing to cooperate on the script with ideas, suggestions (talk about it around you!).

A conflict between two people:
- a classic priest (perhaps a little naive, but full of good will and faith) who seeks to purify his Church by stigmatizing the evil he unmasks (and thus becomes the target of hateful attacks from his enemies from within) and
- a fallen monk in the service of the mafia, who plays the role of their "chaplain"...
This monk is a very mysterious figure, but a lot was known about him, even though he kept his story carefully hidden. Behind his back, amazing stories were told about his adventures. It was said that once in Paris, he climbed the Eiffel Tower outside at night... While he was completely drunk and drugged.!!! And he fell off it when he was already quite high, somewhere at the height of the 2nd floor... He broke his leg then and has been limping ever since. It was widely assumed that he wanted to repeat the feat of Albert Stalk (known as "Eiffel Al") who was the first man on the world climbed the Eiffel Tower without any protective gear in 1990... He himself, when questioned, claimed that he had to run away from the urges of his superior, a declared homo, that was getting at him, that he was running away to protect his purity !
This monk - he was before he got into the mafia, a classic clergyman. Supposedly, he was even the confessor of a former important politician with whom he also had homosexual relations...
He was also a respected headmaster of an important boarding school. There were big homosexual scandals in it... It turned out that he was directly involved in them. The local mafia found out about this and began to blackmail him, threatening to expose him if he did not do them various favors.
When the scandal came to light, he first vehemently denied it by suing his accusers. After losing the trials, he changed tactics, began to openly promote "free love" and LGBT ideologies. Over time, his occasional collaboration with the mafia turned into a permanent one and he became the right hand of her leader…
He joined other clergy who have taken a similar approach to the sixth commandment and called for the Church teaching to be adapted to address the issues of sexual minorities.
This radically changed his psyche and personality.

One of the main scenes takes place in a gay sauna. The mafia boss ("capo"), his "Consiliere", the Chaplain and several other gangsters are present (they are partially undressed, leftovers of luxury food, fancy drinks may indicate that some debauchery is coming to an end. They're talking about the movie “The Godfather”. They were deeply impressed by the scene in which a famous film director, who refuses to do a favor for a mafia boss, wakes up terrified in bed with the severed head of his favorite steed. They ask themselves, « How would we manage to do it? How would we make him such an "offer he couldn't refuse"? » Their chaplain complains that he has a problem with a certain traditional priest (i.e. a priest of some traditional "Ten Commandments" Christian church) who continues to criticize him in every possible way, verbally and in writing. The boss (capo) agrees to help him. However how to do it?

Gangster1 : I'll break his bones. This will convince him to give up...
Gangster2: Better kidnap someone from his family...
Boss: Shut up, you two!
Someone says: you have to make him “an offer he can’t refuse”! He must be presented with such an offer !
Everyone likes this proposition. Yes, that's a good idea! However how to realize it?
Boss to Consigliere: Think about it...
Consigliere: Do we have a contact with the police where he lives? We need to find someone close to him. We also need to check his background and personal life. Reaching out to his home staff, including a cook, a cleaning lady, a janitor... He himself certainly has some important friends (police, the courts, lawyers) - this must also be taken into account... Do we have any contact with any of the "families" ruling this area?
Consigliere to the Chaplain: first you have to sue him.
Chaplain: However, under what pretext?
Consigliere: You will accuse him of "hate speech"! After all, he hates the followers of our new faith. He is primitive and backward. Either way, we'll have him convicted and discredited. After all, we have among our friends and journalists specialists in discrediting and "kompromats"... And if necessary, we will launch political mechanisms through friendly parliamentarians... And once the ground is ready, we will deliver a sudden, destabilizing blow! It will be like a bolt from the blue! And then we'll be able to make him an "offer he can't refuse." Let him know that he is not safe, that he is in our hands! However, it may not be easy or cheap…
Capo (Boss): You're right. Indeed, we must make him an "offer" that he cannot refuse. Take care of this personally, consigliere...

Another important scene takes place near the Eiffel Tower at night.
The "Chaplain" suddenly wakes up from a heavy sleep (he drank some whiskey and took drugs before going to sleep). It seems to him that someone is attacking him! Is it a dream or a reality ? Is this a continuation of the nightmare? Is the danger real or just imaginary? Not much known.
Stunned, he jumps up and runs out of his hotel... He blindly runs ahead, runs into a fence, crosses it, the huge structure of the Eiffel Tower looms before him, he starts to climb... suddenly he staggers and falls from a considerable height.

v1.2ENG (2023/09/9)

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Re: Counterattack by the Brotherhood of the nine commandments

Post autor: EdMali » 29-01-24, 17:33

new version of the script / nowa wersja skryptu filmu
"Counterattack of the Brotherhood of 9 Commandments" (v2.0b: English and Polish):