POTĘGA POKORY (The extraordinary power of humility ) :

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POTĘGA POKORY (The extraordinary power of humility ) :

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0 :00 " ... Hail... among women..." (a prayer is heard in the background)
0:01 A group of elderly people gathered in front of a court in Warsaw... They wanted to pray to God to stop the attacks on Radio Maryja and TRWAM television (ie. Catholic media in Poland)
"... And blessed is the fruit of your womb, Jesus ... and the whole world ..."
0:09 A person from this group holds the poster "Greetings from Radio Maryja"
"... our Lord Jesus Christ ..."
0:15 Suddenly, a young girl - a homosexual activist - approached the very quiet group.
0:23 "... for his painful passion ... have mercy on us and on the whole world ..."
0:27 She had no peaceful intentions, she tried to anger them, to annoy them, to throw them off balance.
0:34 The girl: “Yes, mercy for you, but not for Rydzyk” (Father Tadeusz Rydzyk is the founder and director of Radio Maryja and TV TRWAM)
0:39 "A painful ordeal for him!" ... She holds up a sign:
"The word of God ... Jesus teaches ... Beware of scholars. They like to walk around in elegant dresses, they like greetings in the market place, the first chairs in synagogues and honorable seats at parties. They devour the houses of widows, and make long prayers to keep up appearances ... [The heaviest will be their condemnations.] ”
0:41 However, the provocations continued all the time
0:47 She parodies an old patriotic rhyme:
"Who are you ? A little Pole. What's your sign? A bag of white (???) 0:52 Where do you live? In a guarded residence. 0:54 in which country? In this fucking place 0:57 Won how? With the propaganda of fear... 0:59 Do you love it? A lot, very, honestly 1:02 What do you believe in? I don't believe in anything!”
1:05 People were still praying when suddenly ... an old woman approached the girl. She was crying and was very sad.
1:12 She knelt in front of her and BAISED HER FEET !!!
1:18 The young girl who had come to make fun of the old people who were praying was stunned/ dumbfounded.
1:22 The girl: "Easy! "
1:23 The lady: “I am 83 years old”
1:25 The girl: “I am 21 years old”
1:26 The lady: "I love you" The girl: "I love you too, but don't cry. Please... "
1:32 The girl: “Please don't cry, really. "
1:35 The confused girl changed her behavior
1:42 The Lady: “I have fought for Poland all my life. And I lived to see it before I left this world…
1:49 “… and Poland is divided. And I am so sorry. I live it very, very badly…
1:56 "… and that the children, our poor children, who are being raised by/brought up by 'non-Polish' Poles ..."
2:02 The girl felt very stupid
2:06 When the old woman asked the girl to make the sign of the cross, the girl did!
2:16 The Radio Maryja effect in practice

Wywiad ze starsza pania z filmu (and here's an interview with the old lady in the film  - in polish)

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